MegaDownloader 1.7

Downloads and manages the downloading of extremely large files

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MEGA is a highly-encrypted cloud storage. Using this storage service keeps users' data secure and invisible from the eyes of those who may have wormed their way into their computers. MEGA is used by individuals and companies who have possession of these sensitive data. In an age of easy-to-access systems through phishing and email hacks, one would be wise to store their information there. But even if data is secure on MEGA's servers, how would one keep their online anonymity when they need to have the data transfered from the cloud to another proxy server?

MegaDownloader is a program designed to download and access files from MEGA. With this program users can also stream data like video and audio files and have them play directly from MEGA without having to download them first, saving time and bandwidth all throughout.


Managed through a download list, users an view files accessed from a MEGA account. From here, files can be used and downloaded. MegaDownloader also allows for the encryption of urls from MEGA as well as links that go back to MEGA

Controls are available for each file accessed. Users can pause downloads in progress as well as stop or resume them, allowing for a hierarchy of files to be placed by importance that they have established themselves.

With MegaDownloader, users can set files up in a queue. This allows for grouping separate files together while packaged them into compressed files (RAR, ZIP, 7z, ARC, BTOA, TGZ, and others). These compressed files can also be decompressed during the download process, taking each individual file from its originally packaged form.

MegaDownloader's manager is also intuitive, separating links from files. It also allows for the distribution of speed per file being downloaded. Users can work with a language they feel comfortable, as the program offers a variety of languages to work with, keeping with MEGA's international popularity.

The most redeeming feature of this program is accessibility. MEGA is known by users to put access of the Internet into the hands of individuals. It's a part of their mission statement and they ethical stance on file use and sharing. So it should come as no surprise that users can access MegaDownloader from mobile devices or other PCs from an Internet browser by taking advantage of MEGA's integrated servers.


MEGA is known for the discretion it allows users, and MegaDownloader keeps that privacy as paramount for its users. Using this software in no way hinders upon the experience one would receive with using the MEGA cloud storage, and functions simply as any other popular download manager with features that enhance the process of organizing and moving data.

  • Pros:
  • Maintains discretion

    Fluid controls that allow for the downloading and transferring of data

    Remote accessibility

    Decompression of files during download

    • Cons:
    • None

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